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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.10,


Deep sea fishing by Puk,


My sister can't lay traps but she proved herself good enough at sneaking to fetch the horn for Saemon so we could leave Brynnlaw… unfortunately we didn't get far, unless you count downwards as advancing and woke up to find ourselves fighting as gladiators for some kind of fish masters. Naturally we won the round, despite still suffering from the after effects of our adduction except for Aerie… she got hit with 'Maze' during the Githyanki attack and wouldn't respond to anyone. I prayed to TALOS and he responded something about a mighty power (called a shadow keeper) would set her back to rights.


We met many strange things within this cave while searching for a prince… he almost seemed reasonable after dealing with the king but I felt the surface world was safer without these guys lurking under it and cleansed the cavern with extreme prejudice before descending into the underdark proper.


p.s. on a somewhat brighter note my power has increased again to the point that I can now call forth a fire storm to smite my many antagonists for both personal advancement and the glory of TALOS!

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