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Puk Darkstar

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Stamping out slavers by Jaheira,


"It is about time" these slavers are dealt with and our party could use the exercise… both physical and moral but I digest. We entered the Copper Coronet looking for nothing more than a good night's rest and found it under the new ownership of a sleazy man named Lehtinan… we pretended to be interested in his sick little games, so as to gain access to the back rooms. Obviously the local cowled wizards turn a blind eye to what goes on in here so we cut loose with spells and put a swift end to this affront to balance.


The new owner… Hendak told us of yet more slaves and I almost refused because of the said state of our gear however we could again use spells so that would give us an edge, so yes, a quick rest and we set off to right this wrong. Unfortunately as soon as we entered the sewer tunnels beneath the slums we encountered some peons and Imoen dispatched them with a fireball that also killed a human… he must have run down here during the previous bar fight but despite feeling wretched there was nothing for it so we pressed onwards. The next encounter was a slime that we had considerable trouble even hurting until Puk remembered his skeleton and Yoshimo tossed in some of his traps… so much for being mighty adventurers.


We stepped up into the main meeting area and set about weeding this garden of its parasites… poor sweet Imoen became an avenging ware-cat as she unleashed a tempest into the room… single handily decimating the left passageway as the rest of us concentrated on killing their leader, Captain Haegan.


After freeing the children with an extra 100 gold for their new beginning, we still have enough gold to purchase a magic licence as seems wise and also a new mace (18 str) for Imoen… I still feel the accusations coming from people's eyes as we walk past but at least they don't want to attack us openly any more.

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