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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.4,


Best laid plans by Puk,


We made it to the government district without issue and even got a new quest | member before the first ambush… a vampire! We meted our spells (thinking we were leaving town) and then Aerie received an urgent summons from her uncle and wanted to return to the circus, naturally we got ambushed by slavers but survived (only just) because Yoshimo still had his traps.


As it turns out uncle Quayle doesn't know what the word urgent actually means but the bridge district was already on my "to do list" so we agreed to be his go-for… collecting two new magic items, The "Silver Horn of Valhalla" and "Boomerang Dagger" + a new Wild mage named Neera * decided she knew me from Baldur's Gate and I went along with her because she looked fetching. To cut a long story short…We travelled around doing her quests until returning once more to Waukeen's Promenade… the red wizards will need to go on a heavy recruiting drive before we hear from them again.


Thieves' vs Vamps;

The good news is that despite ambushing us several times, the two warring guilds have now decided to try and court me, in effect calling a truce… at least until I desire excitement and decide which one to tell "take a hike".


* Perhaps love IS in the air for me after all?

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