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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.5,


A moral victory by Puk,


Yoshimo asked us to go visit the thieves guild when we delivered, a wounded man to the harper hold… we swapped him out for Haer'Dalis halfway through then Edwin wanted to join our group as well but Neera wouldn't hear of it so we finished it up without him.


Unfortunately Haer'Dalis got captured soon after returning him to the theatre but I assured Aerie, he will be ok and that we will rescue him later… btw the Harpers seam to really dislike my father and have been attacking his prodgie every time we turn around… so much for Harper gratitude but the experience has increased my divine powers to the point that I felt able to collect a new member.


 We visited umber hills long enough to broker a truce between the townies and some wild half-ogres, fetched some blood for a wizard and discovered the were-a-bouts of this so called shade lord then killed some chickens!


When we arrived at the ruins of an old temple I showed the group how easy it is for a true Cleric to 'turn' shadows to our cause… we released Mazzy without issue and she showed her worth almost immediately by tanking a bone golem for the group but we underestimated the shade lord and had to retreat after distorting his power over the alter because none of our weapons or spells (except repulse un-dead) worked a spit, so we left him venting his rage against his own shadows and escorted the Halfling heroine safely back to her home in Trademeet.

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