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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.6,


Tiding up, loose ends by Puk,


I decided to help a fellow Cleric out with avenging the murder of his sister but he took it too far and Jaheira skulked away from us at the next rest… then to add insult, Anomen failed his trials which made him an even bigger prat and we kicked him out.


We returned to help out Trademeet and repair what's left of my reputation. Collected Mazzy and Cernd as replacements then went troll hunting… a Monk also tried to join (claiming to know me from Baldurs) but the party was full up. We used standard troll tactics, of scout and cloud to open then Mazzy would two shot them with her bow and Neera used her 'Melf's Minute Meteors' to finish them… we cut through the area quickly but had to switch to melee only against those magic pussy-cat things. Cernd won the challenge easy by opening with a swarm then summoned a pet and finished with his wolf so we returned to Trademeet for some shopping * and a spot of un-dead hunting just to show them what a top guy I am… ok, so I couldn't resist murdering the guard for his bottle but we did it quickly and nobody even noticed it. Next up, Cernd discovered he had a son and left the group once we helped him get the kid back.


* A cloak, the "Vhailor's Helm" (from the mart) plus a very nice Hammer just about drained my slush funds but should be all I need for quite a while.


We rescued Viconia from getting overheated then set out to break the Bard out of jail… I wanted him to replace Mazzy because somehow I just can't see the little paladin want-a-be smiling cheerfully as I join the vamps. Anyway there is only one dangerous battle in the jail and that’s the trul master because of all his helpers… I sent in some peons to get them interested and draw out his 'death' spell then we carpet bombed the area to spread them out so they could be picked off piece mail. Aerie just dispatched the Warden with the single 'Deathfog' scroll we got for wiping out slavers in the slums and that wrapped it all up.

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