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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.7,


Chapter 3 by Puk Darkstar,


I entertained recruiting a half-orc but he was too stupid to see that murdering a priest in the temple district, just isn't that smart… he wouldn't budge so we killed the git and rehired Yoshimo for the next attacks instead. Haer'Dalis purchased an anti-mage flail from a guy in the slums and Sarah practically clinks with all the daggers she insists on collecting but I must admit the look on a mages face when her daggers go right through their protections is worth the extra weighty packs.


We took our time dismantling the shadow guild… mostly because we had to keep retreating to rest and replenish our spells but the final boss made the classic mistake of letting us set the attack pace by cowering behind a door with his remaining guards.


My tactics;


1. Yoshimo laid half his traps at the door, we summoned one skeleton warrior and one fire elemental (just to draw some spells) then opened the door with a triple shot combo of 'Silence', 'Glitterdust' and 'Horror' because these are cheap and pet friendly.

2. Aran lost his nerve and unexpectedly ran out into the hall with us, leaving his hapless guards to deal with our two pets so I just shut the door behind him and we clobbered the git.

3. Yoshimo placed his remaining traps and Sarah fired a swarm at Aerie just as she opened the door again and that really ended the fight for the guards… Yoshimo found a summoning ring in a desk and Aerie decided she liked Linvails' necklace as a keep-sake.


p.s. on a more personal note Neera had a spell mishap that took all the fun out of the sea voyage… seeing her in a swimming suit just about makes me want to heave but I told her it was sea-sickness and when we get to the island I'm gonna ask the local priest to try every dispel she has in the shop, no matter what it costs me!

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