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Puk Darkstar

Bg2ee run update 1.8,


Damsels in distress by Imoen,


I still can't believe my brother came all this way to get me but the last days sound like he took the greatest risks. Once on the island, he helped two, hum, let's just call them girls, and went up against a powerful mage called Perth… the guy killed Haer'Dalis with his opening shot so Puk ordered a retreat outside (something I wouldn't have considered) and rebuffed before coming back for a second try. My brother likes to study spell defences and it seems that Perth forgot to put up any 'magic missile' blocker, anyway, the loot was a book that shoots a fireball and Neera also gained the ability to cast a level six spell just as they entered spell hold.


Puk thanked me for my help during a dream he had where he killed a dark version of himself with the help of some skeletons and now we are back together again, almost naked in a dangerous maze and being hunted by vamps but at least we have each other… yipee!

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