Katarina Twoblades

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Puk Darkstar

Sarah Darknight

Los1 -2,


Boundary exploring;


The gang has collected three tomes this session… charisma for Katarnia who has stepped into the party face roll (everyone stares anyway so she may as well get something out of it), wisdom for Puk and constitutional increase for myself.


We have a magical plus-two hammer, dagger and Longsword to mix it up in mêlée but our standard tactic is to kill them from range as Sarah uses her spirits to tank them.


Katarnia has systematically failed most scroll learning attempts so can’t cast any level two spells despite having a spare slot available… Imoen and I have both maximized our trap setting and I’m now concentrating on disarmament whilst Imoen specializes in detection of illusions. I expect Puk to focus on mêlée but it’s still early days yet.

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