Katarina Twoblades

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Puk Darkstar

Sarah Darknight

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The party completed bg1 but I’m behind on my work and will just cover the final battle;

Katarnia did my standard opening with a ‘clouldkill’ scroll, as Puk revealed the area before popping a skelly warrior and Ormaline | Imoen placed traps then summoned adds with one of our two wands… Sarevok charged the summons and that’s when the plan started falling apart.


Angelo and Semaj teleported in and started decimating my summons, so I spread out and sent Katarnia (100% fire resist) against them to pull away from the adds… this works ok until they dropped two ‘cloudkill’s of their own (that’s new?) which killed Katarnia | Puk and Angelo.


Sarevok made a b-line for Ormaline forcing her to run and Sarah carpeted the area in ice, making Semaj retreat but attracting Tazok… at this point I’m in serious trouble because Sarevok is loose and I’m down to Imoen and Sarah for options.


Imoen looked down at the wand of summoning and with a rare clarity, knew what she had to do to save her sister… with the decision made she threw down her rogue weapons and picked up the wand to give Sarevok something else to fight.


Ormaline used the rest break to join Imoen casting frost wand shots at Tazok then dispatched a badly wounded Semaj with her fire wand… his guards dead, Sarevok had no other option but to fight my summons until we whittled him down.


The gang has also collected more tomes this session… Dexterity for Katarnia wisdom | strength for Puk and intelligence for Ormaline.

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