Katarina Twoblades

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Puk Darkstar

Sarah Darknight

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Mopping up;



The party finished cleaning up the rebels Sarevok made militant with one final dungeon bash, … Imoen joined us for moral support and the dukes sent along a triadic picket for the final battle;


There are two difficult encounters imo with the first being unlocked by a colour puzzle… the room just screams “ambush” so Sarah laid down some ice before tripping the trap and then we rained down the hurt from the safety of range… nothing alive (or dead) survived in that room for long!


Katarnia did my standard pull with a ‘fireball’ wand, as Puk revealed the area and Ormaline | Katarnia | Puk ran to Imoen and Sarah’s waiting arms... Korlasz has strong disabling spells (easily countered by talking to the royal healer) but suffers from target fixation and was soon bastioned into submission.

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