Katarina Twoblades

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Puk Darkstar

Sarah Darknight

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Don't call me chicken;


 The party took the side trip to bypass most the castle fighting and I managed to defeat Ashatiel by calling her a chicken… now I’m not claiming she actually laid an egg but there was a definite look of surprise on her beak as the clubs of my peons descended.


The tenses moment (for me) came as we approached the gates of hell… that’s the ninth hell by the way, anyway the red mist descended on my vision and suddenly I knew that my so-call allies had betrayed me!


The next thing I remember is a musky smell fulling my nostrils and my good friend Sarah asking if I knew who she was?... “of course, you still owe me 10 gold from the poker game by the way” … it’s good to have friends.


The big boss is all fear and fire so you’d expect ice to be his nemesis which it is but lightning also helps and having the shining lady wail away at his ass instead of ours is a no brainer tactic.

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