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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.11,


By the numbers;


My plan is to leave as fast as possible before the denizens discover us and the first fight is a Drow raiding party…They are arrogant, believing their premade scripts will detect any stealth approaches so we used that against them; Valygar delivered my 'IP' then silenced them (Horn), Viccy and myself popped 'Call Lightning' * and the girls didn't put up much fight.


I visited the smurfs to grab some new scrolls and killed their unwelcome squatter before playing with the soul-trap; Viccy got the timing right against Alchra for an easy win but I couldn't get my 'Heal' in so we missed out on the extra bastard sword.


A local wizard explorer hired us to guard him whilst looting then tried to stiff us of our fee… some scrolls and a very nice helmet, then we cleared the way of any remaining fish ** and headed west to look behind door number one.


* 'CL' works inside when cast from the staff and while the extra charges are randomised they still add nicely to the overall carnage.

** The fish prince allowed his minnows to fight alone and Viccy made quick work of them then Mazzy dashed in to taint the pool & it was all over.

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