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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.13,


Weapon Hunt;


We travelled to forest of tethyr to collect the "Mana Bow" for Valygar, (1st ambush) survived a dangerous Githyanki assault by carpeting the forest floor with clouds… (2nd ambush) then we asked Drizzt for help against Bodhi and returned to Trademeet for our statue unveilings.


(3rd ambush) another attack from our idds… then remembered the young mademoiselle that wanted the squatters evicted so we paid dearnise keep a visit. Mazzy levelled up taking a pip in flails to use her new weapon without penalty and (as usual) Torgal dies without knowing whom his assassin was.


Nalia offered me the main-bed to "park my boots" and I briefly considered using her to make my ex desirous but then I turned the lass down, having realised that making Viccy jealous mightn't be the wisest deed I ever did but it would certainly be my last!

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