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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.16,


We still have time;


Valygar wanted a new halberd so we stagged a jail break for some actors. The Warden only needs a single 'Death Fog' to kill but I let Viccy speed him along with an extra 'Firestorm'.


We tripped over another ambush on the way to get my new shadow-armour, 2 'Firestorm', 4 traps, 'Insect Plague' and a feisty Paladin want-a-be soon put the bugger on the deck then we raised Valygar and spent the next 5 minutes looking for his missing Ranger equipment.


We returned to the docks for the assembly then asked about for more allies against Bodhi and a new trinket for Viccy before celebrating with a Lich-bash, this turned out to be a tough battle in the tight area but Valygar eventually tagged the sod and we still had time so we ended slavery in the docks… ten minutes well spent!

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