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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.17,


Anything for Love;


Tactics set in place and alliances made, I pay Bodhi a visit and she kidnapped Viccy removing my only character able to counter level drain as well as my bed mate of course… I really should have seen that coming?


I grabbed prat-boy as a replacement for Viccy (in his dreams maybe) and set to dismantling all Bodhi's expectations. Eric damaged everyone with his own fire weapon then loudly declared me an oath breaker… naturally the goody two-shoes paladin couldn't see himself as hubristic so I just shrugged and waved him off.


I probably should have run around doing harper/ side-quests before reconstituting Viccy but the idea of putting up with Anomen soon put that to rest. When I kicked him, he immediately advanced to wine about my mistreatment and promptly dispersed himself  on the floor trap… so in a way he died doing what he loved best?


I returned to watchers… purchased a new crossbow for Jan and lured the statues into the front safe room to fight them without their pet swords.

p.s. The chromatic deamon managed to give a good account of himself but our weapons whittled him down.

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