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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.19,


Unfinished business;


I used the key to unlock the hidden squid lair and killed Alboon with a 'firestorm' to avoid stress… Viccy carries the hammer and we killed the first lich without MUCH trouble.


I had unfinished business in the under-dark so we did the beholders first because its easier and the necklace helps against the squids later. The prep was popping some pets before descending and quickly retreating back up to draw the first two eyes outside… Viccy disappeared during this fight and I didn't see the spell so when Imoen cast 'Freedom' from her scroll we all held our breath.


A stealthed Viccy then collected the loot and we did the squids without stress… freeing the slaves finally gave me my first two hla and frying the brain gave Valygar and Jan their first as well… tracking and spike trap respectably.


p.s, I've survived my Grand graduation challenge!

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