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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 update 2.2,


Recruitment drive;


I said "ciao bella" to the non-Druids then sold the bulk to purchase some specs with 5000 spare for a magic licence... Grabbed the cannon quest to hunt a supposed murderer … and asked a gnome to help me rescue my old mate Viccy before leaving town.


I admit the gnome sticking his hand up a chucks bum disturbed me but what he pulled out of it really freaked me… "I wonder what they feed them?"… anyway a quick search of the local ranger cabin gave us the next clue and we stealthed past some shadows with the gnomes 'invisible 10' spell to collect a very low level Mazzy (only one pip in short-swords) then finally returned to U-hills and our last main party member.


p.s. the definition of poor is being excited to find a basic helmet!

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