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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.20,


For want of a sword;


I used my usual 2 tear spike trap trick to kill Kangaxx but he still put up a solid defence that trapped three of us before he succumbed.


This battle convinced us we needed an extra level before visiting the elf city so we did watchers 3 instead… a 'heal' snapped Yakkman back to his senses and Viccy talked Tahazzar into giving us a quest for a new hat? We killed him after collecting the reward of course.


I stepped through the second last portal the see a Demon Wraith tooling up to go time stop- melee against us… not gonna happen pal, so we turned around and stepped back into the portal.


Aesgareth challenged me to play with the Deck of Many Things, I put up experience against his scroll and got plague (a loss) so then I put up vitality against the sword getting strength (a win) then we played for the gem which he always wins… I only got silenced so Viccy cast another 'remove curse' and we rested up and cast invisible's before moving down to level 4 were we legged it as soon as the cut scene finished.

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