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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.3,


A calculated risk;


We turned in some mimic blood to get a new sword for Mazzy and let the town know about the shadow lord… "yes it's on my 'to do' list" but we need better tools first.


WK-level 1,

This place is so dangerous at our level but the gear is hard to pass up… moving left first, brings us to a troll ambush with two of the spirit buggers. Jan drops his one and only clouldkill shot from the starting wand and we fight them inside the gas for the win. The centre room has vampire wraiths so we buff up and draw them onto our pets, two at a time then we get a wandering horror but he dies quickly so the mustards are next.


 Mustard jellies can't leave their room so range killing them is very easy… if a little slow, for Jaheira (Crimson Dart +3) and Jan (+1 bolts bag). The right side only had 8 or so shadow fiends (stun attack) when I 'Farsight' peeked, +1 weapons to hurt and Viccy can fear-turn them at level 8 so we felt pretty confident until we opened the door and stared into the pitless eyes of two devil shades (level drain) needs a +3 weapon to hurt and couldn't give a flying toss that we have a 8 level Cleric 'turn' going except that all his buddies running away from Viccy kept the door jammed enough to let me get a Pne up.


Only 4 of us could even hit the guard golems but with the wards we only had to fight them signally and the old priest got his slippers then we made our stand in the mustard jelly room to draw the first four statues in one at a time, in order; halberd, Cleric, Fighter and Mage… giving Mazzy a nice bastard sword just as she hits level 9 and takes a point in them.


This party has no way to cast 'Death spell' so continuing on would be silly…

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