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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.4,


Making Shade Lord My Bitch;


Round 1, we all gang bang the altar… at least we stop the spread of evil should we perish.

 {scs30} cheats here and the Shade lord is not actually Un-dead but Viccy still puts up 'Repulse Undead' & 'turn' to keep the extra shadows away.


Round 2, Shade Patrick, gets that personal service touch… even with Pne I expect the loss of at least one member but the extra kick we have from doing wk1 gave us just enough time to despatch Patrick and leg it back down stairs.


The main event,

The Lord likes his Pfmw so we have to last long enough to kick it down or find a way to get round it.

Mazzy and myself go melee with Pne and all the thac0 I can squeeze out of party buffs.

Jan pops his pet golem (physical attacks get through Pfmw) then uses 'detect illusion' to remove the images, 'Greater Malison' and spends the remaining fight spamming  'Remove Magic'.


p.s. looks like Mazzy has family issues…

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