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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.5,


Heather and Twitter;


Mazzy has sorted her sister issues and Jan got called home so we opened the spear (I'll come back much later) and did some quick murder for a hidden fellow… Jaheira got cursed by an old slaver (harper business it appears?) so we acquiesce to hunting the bugger down then Mazzy has a pit fight to put some bully in his place.


I wanted 'clouldkill' before returning to the wilds so we explored the temple sewers dispatched the awesome four-some and then found myself in a library guarded by Hulks and Minatare's… I sent a stealthed Valygar in to deliver my 'Insect Plague' and we helped a otiose wizard by fetching his mirror back. He rewarded us with a wand of resurrection and clouldkill as well as a slave boy?


I brashly avouched to the store keeper that we now had more than 1500 so we have been invited to some party in the graveyard after dark but I spent the cash upgrading a warrior trinket and recharged the clouldkill wand with 50 shots then it's off to the Druids' grove.

Now I know what you must be thinking but these guys are shadow druids and I don't have a problem with spanking them senseless besides most the area is infected with trolls. We did try to go shopping but Jan spotted something odd about the store keeper which started a fight… a right pussy to hit with spells … but we sorted the so and so out with old fashion whacking.


Druid battle'

{scs30} Faldorn fights pre-buffed now so I'm fine with having two 'Champion's Strength' buffs going into it (yes they stack) which pushes my thac0 to zero…

 Faldorn tried to open with 'Defensive Harmony' but my 'Insect Plague' counted that (and everything else) then I popped a 'Call Woodland Beings' and shanked her with spider fangs for an easy win… I'm currently a level 10 Avenger and by Druid law, one must be at least level 14 to bid for a grove so that’s something for a later time…


Some young lass needs help evicting squatters from daddy's' place but I'm going to return to Trademeet first.

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