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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.6,


Now is the time;


I was surprised to see the spirit of the woods appear but agreed to help out against some trolls {I also allowed Puks' moonblade to be upgraded as reward for this quest} then I was called on again to rescue a lad named Lor-something so he could forefeel his Druid destiny. We had time and I know the enemy spirit is a chaos one… they don't like fire… so we returned to trademeet and killed Taquee for his Efreeti bottle before also handing in the puss head for their reward!


With Pne to counter the level drains, flamestrikes from the efreeti and Jan dispelling illusions, the bugger was soon vanquished… I have a new Lion pet and at least three more levels before I hear about grove challenges again.


I've decided to hold off on officially giving Trademeet the good news until I get my sister back which is next on my "too do" list… Nalia can wait, I've returned to the slums and given that creep Gaelan his blood money, much as it earks me to deal with the likes of shadow thieves but my sister needs me and that's all there is too it.


p.s. on a somewhat happier note, did anyone else happen to make it with an exotic drow dominatrix last night or am I the only lucky one? Once they've had green…

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