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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.8,


You complete me;


Valygar took offence when a local madam tried to torture a whore out of loving her mage boyfriend and the young lass gave us the name of another wizard with the key to spellholds wards.


Perth Vs the goodguys,

We just put up minimal buffs, Mazzy went for speed and the rest of us slapped on skins… he will just dispel too much… Perth popped invulnerability and a fire shield as his pre-buff.

Round 1, Mazzy charged, I put 'Insect Plague' on her (doesn't matter if he goes invisible), Jan popped his golem and we range attack while Perth opened with horrid wiltings and invisible.

Round 2, my 'Insect Plague' latches onto him and his royally buggered now but still has his scripts… one of which is a 'sphere of chaos' which naturally I fail my save for and get the bunny treatment.

Round 3, Jan pops invisible then moves up to dispel any more illusions Perth tries to use, I counter the chaos effects by switching to bear form and everyone just continues to target practice a mostly helpless Perth to death… the book has fireball and that’s just fine by me.


After trading some intelligence to the demonic doorman I managed to kick Bhal's ass with summons and spider form then misplaced my soul before waking up in a maze as a plaything for Bodhi… I finally have my sister back but also need to pick the bench warmer?

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