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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.9,


Unarmed & Dangerous;



I asked Cernd to sit this one out then sicked fire elementals on the Clay Golem to gain a bag of holding… the maze goes by the numbers, Jan set three traps outside to slow down the murderers latter on and I even managed to retrieve some items I had stashed before being drugged after which we arrived at the main event.


{scs30 = easiest battle ever}

Round 1, Irenicus prattles on before firing his pre-buffs… Mazzy charges him with a non-magic weapon, I put up 'Insect Plague' on Mazzy and the rest of the party legs into the corner behind Irenicus, to fight our idds.


Round 2, Irenicus struggles with my 'Insect Plague'… Mazzy re-joins us and we concentrate fire on, well ourselves… Imoen, Jan & Viconia die quickly having fallen under the effects of my 'Insect Plague'… Valygar, Mazzy and myself managed to give some grief but they soon followed to the floor.


Round 3, I when looking for Irenicus but he wasn't in the room… must have been teleported outside? Sure enough he trips over the traps Jan placed out there and gives us the "I'll be right back" speech without even bothering to summon that Deva he normally likes so much…Battle over, we Win!

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