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Puk' BeastLover

Bl-scs30 Update 2.Hell,


See you in Hell;


The elf city was wondrous to gaze upon… despite the current state and we took our time doing various good deeds, such as rescuing small kiddies from up trees or smiting mighty Dragons with well-placed spike traps. All pretty standard tactics really until we got sucked down beyond the abysses to my own private hell.


My first test is selfish and Mazzy cheated the demon by quickly opening the door before the hold spell kicked in, the Jan solved the greed test by pickpocketing a Genie so that Valygar could keep his new toy… I conquered my fear without cheating by laying a carpet of clouds.


Prep {final}; Viccy summoned a fallen deva and Jan placed 5 spike traps in two sets (2 at the door which play no part in the battle but makes perfect plot sense and 3 as a fall back bastion)… Imoen loaded her 'chain contingency' with horrid wilting, death fog and pierce shield then we rested to reset the clock and repopped the fallen deva before opening fates door.


Bitter scs experience has hammered into me the need to alpha strike this battle whist keeping at least one npc is sight of the slayer at all times or the buggy scripts will simply make him invincible.


Incessant monologue then retreat to our bastion as Imoens CC with Jans spikes take out two opponents but the confusion helps us because the Slayer popped his first 'Time stop' as I'm in full retreat… effectively wasting it.


Mazzy and Valygar tag team the demons as Viccy leads the enemy Fallen deva away… Imoen pops some expendables for the slayer to play with and Jan runs off to set another bastion of traps. I added healing support, mostly to Viccy and keep well away from his 'Time stop'.


A frustrated slayer ripped apart Imoens adds then 'Time stop' charged Viccy… killing her but otherwise blowing his last trick as we polished off the peons. Mazzy and Valygar hold his until the rest of us reach Jans bastion then draw him back onto the traps. Imoen loads another Pierce shield CC to counter any protections and I considered going fire elemental after rezzing Viccy with the rod but it wasn't needed.

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