Sarah Brightlight

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SEE2 -01,


 Hard Yakka;


After a long night of battles, we crawled victoriously into the early morning daylight where my sister promptly got herself arrested and reminded me that I owe her a jail break for that little incident at the end of DS… well it’s nice to have a long term goal I guess.


 Tactics; My fireballs managed to kill the goblins (eventually) and the fact that golems have a sense of fare play makes them manageable but the worlds worst Bounty hunter and a bersurko Ranger are liabilities I can’t afford… even the Druid-Fighter is only along to attract enemy fire.


After selling all the gear I can spare we have just enough to get a magic licence but the budget wouldn’t also stretch to cover the glasses so I’ll just have to come back for them later… now I have to collect companions (cannon fodder) and see about earning some real cash.

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