Sarah Brightlight

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SEE2 -02,


Spirits against Shadows;


After purchasing a licence, I rescued Viconia and literally “ran for the hills”.

We used stealth to trick some shadows out into the light then pitted my spirits against the shadow bridge ambush… Viconia cloaked to collect a nice sling but the ammo is even more valuable and we didn’t engage the undead because we will need it against the lord.


We buffed up (repulse undead) and attacked the alter first to limit the enemy targets… Viconia used her new sling to kill it outright with a lucky shot (the sun stone ammo) but then the shade lord retaliated killing her outright with some kind of poison | drain attack so with her repulse down the shadows are back in play so we retreated and raised her back upstairs for a second round.


Without his shadows the lord is manageable and we overwhelmed him with range | melee attacks… Mazzy is frilled to not have to “sleep” with him now and I’m sure the town will welcome us back as heroes… special mention to Jan for using his detect illusions.

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