Sarah Brightlight

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SEE2 -04,


The fav four;


After a pit fight we unlocked the spear and finally purchased my glasses then I parked Jan and recruited Hexxat for a trip to the grave yard where Valygar backstabbed the boss repeatedly until the bugger stayed down.



As it turns out a sharman can dance whilst silenced… a fact I discovered in desperation but the interesting thing is how the Magic weave has changed on this world. Magic damage is hardly worth casting but disabling spells like charm or silence are extremely handy to have in a tuff melee.


We got ambushed on the way back to the slums and Viconia had to pop silence which led to a new discovery then Mazzy started complaining about the drow | Vampire direction our party has taken… something tells me a half-orc deathguard will be the straw that breaks this camels back so I need new tank capable recruit which all my party can at least, get along with. In the temple sewers we encountered a strong (well equipped) foursome… fortunately they had little understanding of retrograde tactics.

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