Sarah Brightlight

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SEE2 -06,


Slaver Exterminatious;


We made it back to the slums without ambush and set about freeing slaves from the tunnels… because the streets above aren’t safe for me. I was assembling a sword from various bits when a goblin sharman dropped my new head-circlet then the slavers put up a spirited (if unimaginative) defence of their fort… Haer’Dalis is too low to truly tank but he has some tricks that help with his own defence.


I allowed him to die towards the last fight so as to stop him leaving the group until we made it back to his theatre… tuff love and all that. With the extra loot sold I have enough gold that both the thief and vamps called a temporary truce against me and we returned the bard only to see him arrested for his crimes against the under realms.

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