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SEE2 -07,


Three of crowds;


After misplacing the bard, I grabbed another Cleric but he takes quick exception to my vampire. I assumed this is a racism issue for Anomen… being a goody two shoes and all so when he asked for my help to avenge a sister, it wasn’t a difficult moral dilemma.  I also kicked mis wingless for Jan (family matter sorted out), un-cursed Jaheira, kick the crap out of some nosy harps, and a spot of thief double cross before finally getting back to the theatre…


As a true demon the thrull master can see invisible targets so Hexxat used this fact to lure him away from his guards for an easier kill… that’s easier not easy but with him dispatched the air elementals are manageable on their own.


I had a near disaster when falling into a werewolf pit but my spirits managed to hold the boss wolf off as the last of my team killed his pups… the actual Warden is very easy… a ‘deathfog’ to soften him up as the thrull rebel then Viconia pinned him with a skelly warrior as Jan ‘cloud kill’ finished him off.


p.s, Anomen is getting insistent about vampires being evil “bit hypocritical coming from a murderer of innocent children if you ask me” but I agreed to park Hexxat (for now) then got jumped by more of them pesky harps… I need to rest up a bit and consider my next move.

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