Sarah Brightlight

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SEE2 -08,


Teeth vs leather;


After a long trek up north, Jaheira abandoned me to face the harps and I replaced her with a better melee fighter… the temple was impressive but Viconia didn’t want to hang around so we returned to the city.


Anomen has calmed down a lot now that the shock of getting buggered by the order has healed… he didn’t bat an eyelid when I joined up with Bohdi and has stopped glaring at Hexxat.


The shadow thief fortifications proved to be lacking in defence against bears and Wilson tore through them like a hot knife… I don’t know who started the rumour that leather armour used by shadow thieves is made from bear cubs lol.


As a note on personal development, I’ve achieved my 13th level as we set sail to get Imoen back.

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