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SEE2 -09,


The finger of death;


After a brief battle the prat gave us a key to enter spellhold as well as a book that holds fireballs… protection from magic weapons is a nice buff but irrelevant when it’s a bear attacking you. I gave up a point of intelligence to reach Imoen and she stepped into Anomens' slot for the maze.


Bodhi was a good sport and even let us keep the gear which is a nice bonus… Haer’Dalis used the jelly shape to survive the painting traps then I discovered a nice sharman neckless to console me about becoming a creature of darkest shadow.


Irenicus made the same mistake with his opening buff and Wilson jumped him as I put up a insect plague to stop his non-scripted spells… the party retreated to a corner to fight our ids.


Wilson proved more than Irenicus could handle and we looked good until one of the loons started shooting lightning about… somehow they decided this damage was my fault and turned against us. In seconds Wilson was turned to stone and Viconia | Hexxat fell to massive spell damage.


I retreated to the steps with my sister beside me and the bard spinning like a top in front but a finger of death ended the match.


BGee2 patch two notes;

The legacy of bhaal is a good challenge for a balanced party that makes magic damage much less useful and melee far more important.



Turn undead does NOT work… its fine in bgee and DS under patch 2 but completely broken in bg2ee at this difficultly level.


After battle report;

While you could argue that any plan starting with “lets free all the loons” is fundamentally flawed, I only suggest that holding my ground for longer at the start would have meant my ids have spawned in front of Irenicus and keep them all together | probably under my opening insect plague but as for the friendly fire… I have to wonder?

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